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Your strategic partner for corporate investment plans

Società Italiana Grandi Investimenti is a company that deals with interdisciplinary consultancy in which economic, business and engineering skills are coordinated and made available. The Company was born from the idea of the managing partners to create a strategic consulting company with a highly interdisciplinary content. Società Italiana Grandi Investimenti proposes itself to the market as a strategic partner in the context of corporate investment plans both of an industrial nature and of innovation and research and development, providing its assistance to the company's top management bodies in the identification and implementation of subsidized finance instruments and of skills and professionalism able to integrate into the transformation process that companies look to through innovative research and development projects. Experts in digital economy, circular economy, lawyers, chartered accountants, management engineers and economists cooperate and work side by side in support of important national and foreign groups, operating in the leading sectors of the Italian economy, from luxury to biotechnology, from mechanical industry to energy and pharmaceuticals. Innovation, research, customer support are the missions of our work, activities that allow us to carry out our action in step with the most recent evolutionary lines of the Italian, European and international economic-legal system.

The Società Italiana Grandi Investimenti follows the evolution of the so-called Recovery Plan.

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